... holds a master of science, is educationalist, shiatsu-therapist and musician.
She teaches music, style & performance, choir and solo performance and vocal lessons in various schools, institutes and privately since 1994.

She is a professional singer and entertainer since 1981 and performs Soul, Blues, R&B, Pop
and Jazz on stages from Peking to Montreux.
She is committed to alternative medicine, chairwoman of the institute of ETHNOMED, supports their book publishing and congress work and is mother of four children.
GREEN VOICES©-institute for voice, music & health, run and managed by Joy C. Green, offers a professional supply of basic and advanced education programs in form of theoretical workshops of all musical subjects, practical application & performance classes, concert and studio coaching and private lessons. (check into: Kalender and Fortbildungen)

Teamwork between beginners, advanced students and professional musicians is an important issue. Joy C. Green organizes concerts for her students on regular basis.

An important event of the year is the Open Green Voices Award (in memoriam Simon Schott). Talented, non-professional singers from the age of 9 years onwards can apply to participate. (details see Wettbewerb)

The concept of the institute is the continues offer of vocal education for all: professional singers, teachers, lecturers as well as interested beginners.
Next to the private vocal instructions and workshops, the institute offers 4 day-seminars with guest lecturers from the USA to Australia and throughout Europe on an extremely high quality level. Our guest lecturers share the important idea of teaching a healthy vocal technique that will give the student the opportunity to use his/her voice with power, endurance and quality even through stressfull times of work and throughout his/her entire musical life. Vocal abusive behaviors and bad routines can be corrected and ideas of rehabilitation procedures can be offered in our seminars to clients with voice damages.

Joy C. Green is bringing lecturers and teachers from all over the world to Germany since fall 1999, building up a steady clientel from all over Europe. More than 500 musicians and vocalists out of 14 european countries participated so far in the workshops.

Joy C. Green was member of the speech-level-singing association© in USA from 2001 until 2005 and the first german certified teacher. She brought SLS to northern and east Europe in promoting SLS seminars on a regular basis for the SLS teachers from the US.

She was chairwoman of the former institute of ETHNOMED, was editing and translating their book publishing and supported congress work (2000-2014).

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